Memories of Hungary | Introduction
Memories of Hungary is the biggest souvenir-shop network in Hungary, Budapest for tourists and hungarians too.
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Memories of Hungary

Our story began in 2010. The first shop was preceded by extensive planning: we definitely wanted to be different than other similar gift shops. We have insisted on this principle to this day, which atmosphere is immediately felt by visitors upon entering.

Our spacious, clearly furnished shops provide comfortable selection process for our guests. We have created a wide, but very high-quality product line, therefore tourists can learn everything about sights even in the most hidden corners of the country. We strive to offer real pleasure: we inform our visitors in bilingual brochures not only about our products, but also the related folk customs, traditions or even the story of the specific gift. In addition to classic gift items, our shelves also display quality Hungaricums, and we offer a wide range of children’s toys and the flavours of Hungarian cuisine as well. In recent years, we have also paid special attention to the design of our own collections, warmly welcome by our guests. We strive to become real goldmines, small isles in the city that provide delightful experience in themselves.



Phone: +36 1 780 5844

Bazilika Gift Shop

H-1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás utca 8.

Phone: +36 1 439 4462

Liszt Ferenc Airport Gift Shop

H-1185 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc International Airport, SkyCourt

Phone: +36 1 269 0089

House of Parliament Gift Shop

H-1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3. Országház Látogatóközpont

Phone: +36 30 184 9253

Intercontinental Gift Shop

H-1052 Budapest, Apáczai Csere János utca 12.

Phone: +36 1 439 4463

Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2B Gift Shop

H-1185 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Phone: +36 1 406 2362

Fishermen's Bastion Gift Shop

H-1014 Budapest, Hess András tér 1-3.

Phone: +36 1 406 2362

Fishermen's Bastion - Fine Food & Wine

H-1014 Budapest, Hess András tér 1-3.

Margitsziget Gift Shop

H-1007 Budapest, Margitsziget


Let us illustrate the strengths of our assortment, including almost ten thousand products, with a few examples.

Our own collections

Parliament collection

Parliament, with its beautiful windows and detailed motifs, have inspired us too. The collection we have developed and designed was born in cooperation with experts having a thorough knowledge of the Parliament, and shows the historic beauty of the building with a focus on details.

Ruin Pubs collection

The unique atmosphere of our ruin pubs is getting known throughout Europe; they are a must-see in Budapest for young people. This new collection is primarily targeted at them: our modern pieces are not only souvenirs, but can also be useful for a Friday night spritzer party.

Memories of Hungary collection

The first Memories of Hungary collection aimed at approaching Hungary in an unusual manner. Our favourite characters (hussar and puli) easily sneak into everyone’s heart.

A taste of our classic products

Herend Porcelain

It is perhaps the most known Hungaricum internationally as well. In our shops, we have a wide selection of the most popular patterns and forms from classic to modern Herend pieces.

Kalocsa Porcelain

The appearance of classic and modern Kalocsa patterns on porcelain thanks to the Kalocsa Porcelain Manufacture. They are hand-painted, pure pieces.

Busó masks

Busó festivities in Mohács are definitely one of the most colourful events of Hungarian traditions, they have been on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity representative list since 2009. Our original, hand-carved masks are prepared by Endre Rosta folk industrial artist.

Hungarian design


The highly acclaimed Hungarian invention, Gömböc, which always gets on its legs, can also be purchased in Memories of Hungary. It is special as it only has two equilibrium points: one is stable and the other is unstable. This was previously held mathematically impossible.

Nami malac

Nami Pig was inspired by the mangalica pig, indigenous in Hungary. It is made of hand-made Heves homespun: flax, hemp and cotton, covered with original motifs. It can also be used as a pillow.


Ernő Rubik’s world-famous invention, the evergreen “magic cube” and several successors are also available in our shops, being a favourite choice of young people and children.


The first Birdy came to light in 2000. The form was inspired by Judit Karsay’s feelings and imagination. The final form of Birdy was developed for several years, registered in the patent office by the name “Birdy by Karsay”. Thanks to the special procedure, there are no two perfectly same coloured birdies, they all have their own, unique painting and colour. At present the birdies are created in five different sizes.


The special collections of the talented, young designer are not only unique, but also environmentally friendly. These products express the real city atmosphere, while constantly renewing.



The jewellery made of porcelain exploded into the world of Hungarian fashion as a novelty, the method of creation is still surrounded by mystery. ZEMA jewellery is created by Hungarian painters in Pálháza, using among others 21 carat gold and 24 carat platinum. The ground breaking brand has been noticed abroad as well: ZENA jewels were showcased at fashion shows in London, Paris and Moscow, and the conquest of overseas audience has also started.


The folk art of Matyó people living in northern Hungary is one of the most colourful ones of the region, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 2012 owing to its unique solutions and the complexity of motifs. The old tradition of decoration has been reinterpreted from the perspective of the man of the 21st century by Matyodesign.