Memories of Hungary | About us
Memories of Hungary is the biggest souvenir-shop network in Hungary, Budapest for tourists and hungarians too.
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Upon founding our company, we knew two things for sure. The first: the company shall be called ‘Memories of Hungary’. The second: our intention is to present the natural and cultural values of Hungary, the material and intellectual ‘hungaricums’ to as many people as possible and to endear those to them. This includes scientists and inventions, Hungarian craftsmen and innovations, artists and works of art – so we intended to go beyond the overdone ‘csikós-gulyás’ romanticism, and wanted to draw upon the real treasure, the values that in a thousand years made Hungary the way it is today. Therefore, we set the bar high indeed.

Our considerable efforts yielded such a quality range of gifts which is not only based on Hungarian folk, cultural and scientific traditions, but also strives to be modern and appealingly trendy at the same time. Our visitors always have been and always shall be shown what Hungary is like –  with a difference.