Memories of Hungary | Memories of Hungary Basilica Souvenir Shop
Memories of Hungary is the biggest souvenir-shop network in Hungary, Budapest for tourists and hungarians too.
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Memories of Hungary Basilica Souvenir Shop

Our complete product range, in the heart of the city

In recent years, the Basilica and its surroundings became one of the most popular districts of Budapest. It’s always teeming with life; there isn’t a single group of tourists who would miss the opportunity to walk around in the beating heart of the capital city. We too love this place; we love how its buzz and its atmosphere complement the historic urban surroundings.

So we opened a store right next to the Basilica, in Hercegprímás Street. In this carefully designed store, it’s not only worth shopping, but also it’s quite fun to browse. Many thousands of square feet floor space is devoted to retailing many thousands of kinds of products for many different purposes; just come in and browse! Just like in the airport stores of Memories of Hungary, our complete product range is available in this store; from the fridge magnets and postcards worth a few euros, through the popular T-shirts with trendy and ever changing patterns, to the high quality, elegant and unique pieces of clothing.

Browsing through books of Hungary, music, works of art, fine pieces of craftsmanship, furniture and home accessories may even take a whole delightful day. And if you are lost and cannot decide what to take home with you, our young, enthusiastic and creative shop assistants dressed in red and white are happy to help you to make the ‘perfect’ choice.